Jifkins is a young Mexican Company, worldwide competitive; we develop high technology offering an integral service for the agricultural food sector, being composed by 3 division; pre-harvest, post-harvest and industrial.

Jifkins has an excellent technical service, passion for development, innovation and synergic work.


Provide a high-tech product
Outstanding product quality
Excellent results
Provide an exceptional service
Offer exclusive solution per each client requirements


Highly recognized company
Global competition
Face critical and universal agricultural food problems
Established brand on the commercial sector we work

Jifkins was founded 15 years ago in 2001 at Guadalajara city, starting as a family business mainly focused on developing products for the orange market (oranges coating). Due to the strong demand form the citrus market, the company diversified its product to other citrus such as grapefruit, Creole and Persian lemon.

Afterwards, Jifkins extended its products to other fruits produced in Mexico, becoming the pioneer developer company of post-harvest products and services in Mexico.
Acknowledging the needs of a diverse market, Jifkins decided to provide an integral service to its customers, adding the pre-harvest and industrial divisions to the company.

Nowadays, the company operates nationally and internationally (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and Peru), holding commercial alliances and three divisions that provide high-tech solutions to customers from the moment of the sowing until the fruit gets to it final consumer.