Pre cosecha

This division was born in order to fulfill the needs of our clients looking to have high-tech scientific innovation solutions, safe to handle and environmental friendly for their crops handling. Our products are formulated to be used both on conventional and organic agriculture.

Our formulas are highly effective in several respects: product quality, performance, both control and resistance to the weather stress and diseases.


It’s a colloidal, amino acid based supplement designed to generate a positive impact for the plant growth through two key elements; Amino acids to ease the protein synthesis that fights the stress and lipids to facilitate the absorption/transport of nutrients.

RESISTO/ Nano hance

Colloidal agricultural supplement to generate positive impact on the plant growth through two key functions; efficient transport and nutrients absorption, it works as a vaccine that increase the plant immunity from the begging of the pathogens attack, allowing the plant a better resistance to diseases.


Liquid formulation based on calcium carbonate that protects the fruits and vegetables against sunburns and heat stress, while optimizing the photosynthesis. This is achieved by the formulation’s own ability to absorb, reflect and transmit the sunlight to benefit the fruit and the plant.

Humic Substances

Its main content is humic and fluvic acids, the humic substances stimulate microbial activity, helping breaking down compaction, transferring micronutrients from the soil to the plant, increasing the water retention, seed germination and improving the vegetables residues decomposition.

Post cosecha

Currently this is the main Jifkins line, essentially seeks to maintain the fruit quality (from the organoleptic characteristics to the nutritional content of the fruit) through different products and technics ranging from the moment the fruit is harvested until it reaches to the consumer hands.


The coatings are natural polymeric covers applied over the fruit surface controlling the fruit surroundings. This allows the fruit to maintain its fresh appearance for much longer and to preserve its nutritional qualities.

There are coating specialized for different fruits, such as citrus, pomeaceous, cucurbitaceous, capsicum, special fruits, bone fruits, certain vegetables, tropical fruits among others.

Applebrite Carnauba

Applebrite Carnauba is a wax based on carnauba that allows the pomeaceous fruits to preserve the turgor and prolong the shelf life; in addition it provides a better appearance due to the glimmering generated. It is completely organic intended for the European market.

Applebrite HG

From the Applebrite line, preserve the turgor of the fruit and prolong its shelf life of the products. This product is intended for national market.


The Candewax is a coating with a candelilla base, used on fruits like papaya, pineapple and mango. It preserve the fruits with a smooth cover that creates enough permeability for the fruits to continue they degradation cycle in a controlled way.

Citrowax N3720

It is a fruit coating specialized on citrus. Natural resin based formula that gives protection for the citrus prolonging its shelf life. High durability for the handling and unorthodox systems of the fruit.

Citrowax HG

A citrus coating, with the same qualities as citrowax n3720 but with a distinguishing shine improvement.


From the Piwax line, this microcrystalline based emulsion assist with pineapple protection, gives a longer shelf life, reduces the degreening, allows the fruit gradual breathing, makes the contact with the peel softer.

Pinwax EU

Pinwax EU is a microcrystalline and carnauba based protective coating. Protects pineapples in the same way as Pinwax. This product is special for the pineapple trade in Europe.

Pinewax 2018

This product is made for the pineapple national market, designed with anionic polyethylene wax. It is responsible for the peel pineapple protection in a way that it’s not affected by the environment.

Primewax Carnauba ORG

From the Primewax, the Primewax Carnauba ORG gives us all same properties as the other Primewax, however, the Carnauba ORG has a completely organic composition for the packing houses with an organic products and process certification.

Primewax EU

Primewax EU is an infallible lemons, oranges and grapefruits protection. Composed by a shellac base that besides allowing a controlled technological breathing gives an exceptional shine. Suitable for the European market.

Primewax EU L

Like Primewax EU this product give an extraordinary protection for lemons, oranges and grapefruits. With a shellac base, Primewax EU L distinguishes for having besides and excellent peels drying which improves the subsequent handling and storage.

Tropicalwax Carnauba

Tropicalwax Carnauba is a coating mainly used tropical fruits, such as mango, papaya and melon. This product is manufactured with a carnauba base, distinguished by its organic origin and shine.


Tropicalwax is a coating mainly used tropical fruits. Manufactured with an anionic polyethylenic base that gives protection to the fruit against humidity and antagonistic microorganisms.

Ultrawax HG

From the Ultrawax, the Ultrawax HG this product is directed to the Persian and Creole lemon. Excellent shine and protection, Ultrawax HG is intended solely for the national market.


Vglasser is a protective wax for fruits such as cucurbit, tomato, capsicum among others. Made with a food grade mineral oil base.

Vglasser EW

From the Vglasser line, this product is manufactured base on vegetables oils, which made it completely organic. Special for avocados, special fruits, plums, nectarines, papaya, among others.

Soaps and Sanitizers

Soaps and sanitizers, are used on post-harvest treatments of different fruits, the difference between each other is that soaps clean the fruit from lipidic and contaminant components inert in the cover, while the sanitizers assist with the elimination of antagonistic pathogens from the cortex fruit.

Fructus Fresh N

Is a soap made based on fatty acids and biodegradable surfactants allowed on food, It is neutral and nonionic.

Fructus Fresh A

This soap also from the Fructus Fresh line has the peculiarity of being anionic. With this allows pH changes thereby becomes an active against polar compounds.

Fructus Fresh N – Chlor

It is a biodegradable soap from the same family as the Fructus Fresh, the difference of this product is that is has the allowed chlorination to be in contact with food thereby turning it on a bioactive against certain microorganisms.


Bio-Chlor 1300

Bio-chlor 1300 is a sodium hypochlorite at 12.5% concentrated solution with high effectiveness and treatment on the sanitization process.

Bioxactiv P05

A 5% peroxyacetic acid solution with high resolution and allowed for direct contact with food.

Bioxactiv P15

A 15% peroxyacetic acid solution with high resolution and allowed for direct contact with food.


The fungicides are products that control the growth of microorganisms (specially the fungi kingdom) during post-harvest treatments, each of which acts for certain organisms. The fungicides used by Jifkins are completely organic.


B-xactive is a one of a kind completely organic post-harvest additive. Formulated based on vegetables extract, working as a softener and persivant fruit.

B-xactive Citro

From the B-xactiv line; B-xactiv citro contains actives that fight fungus present on citrus such as Colletotrichum, Penicillium, Diplodia and Aspergillus.

B-xactive Golden

B-xactive golden manufactured speciallly for different fruits with Rhizopus, Cladosporium, Rhizoctonia, Botrytis, Aspergillus, Colletotrichum problems.

B-xactive Plus

B-xactiv plus is used on pineapples and citrus, such as lemon, controlling Fusarium and Penicillium problems.

B-xactive SPX

B-xactive SPX works on the same way as B-xactive, but it’s potassium compositions improve the results of the application.


The Bio-sheet is a leaf used on papayas, melons and grapes generating a controlled atmosphere inside a bag or container, is made of sodium metabisulfite.


Specialties are all those products that helps us consolidate specifically agricultural products quality or that helps us avoiding any direct quality damage due to the external conditions faced by the fruits.


Auxigreen is a product composed of auxins that allows the slow down the chlorophyll oxidation process, which means the degreening of the lemons.


It is and organic pigment used to give intense orange and faint red color to citric fruits such as oranges and grapefruits.


It was created to offer innovative and efficient solution providing integral systems and hygiene, security and maintenance products, that besides of being competitive are also environmental friendly.

Considering, fruits and vegetables packaging, municipal slaughterhouses with TIF certification, milk and dairy, poultry and aquaculture industries.


Useful for the surfaces, machinery and utensils cleaning and degreasing.

Easy Gras 420

Water based alkaline detergent.

Easy Gras Chlor

Chlorinated degreaser for cleaning and disinfection.

Easy Gras LX

Water based alkaline concentrated degreasing.

Fin Wax

Carnauba wax based shampoo, dirt remover.


Useful to sanitize after cleaning surfaces, equipment, machinery and utensils.

BioAQ 100

Biocide based on quaternary ammonium salts.

BioAQ 500

Biocide based on quaternary ammonium salts with double alkyl C10 chain, strongly cationic.

BioAQ 800

Biocide with double chain of quaternary ammonium salt of low foam.

Bio AL 1200

Monovalent biocide based on isothiazolinone / bronopol.


Biocide based on isothiazolinone and CIT, low VOC MIT.

Bioperac 5

Biocide with a 5% peracetic acid base.

Bioperac 15

Biocide with a 15% peracetic acid base.


For the lubrication of heavy or light equipment, bearing and any kind of lubrication, food grade oil.

Ultra Gras LT

Mineral oil based grease and low temperature lithium soap.

Ultra Gras HT

Grease based on mineral oil and high temperature and viscosity lithium soap, useful for big loads and strong vibration.

Ultra Lube 500

High quality synthetic oil base, food grade.


For personal use as soaps and sanitizers.

Easy Gras Orange

Dirt remover hand cream.

Bio Soap

Hand soap based on natural oleates.

Antibacterial Gel

Antibacterial gel eliminates 99.9% germs.


Ethylene control equipment.

Etilene Control

Post-harvest ethylene control equipment.


For the ethylene control in individual, box and clamshell packaging.