Jifkins is a young Mexican Company, worldwide competitive; we develop high technology offering an integral service for the agricultural food sector, being composed by 3 division; pre-harvest, post-harvest and industrial.

Jifkins has an excellent technical service, passion for development, innovation and synergic work.


Pre cosecha

This division was born in order to fulfill the needs of our clients looking to have high-tech scientific innovation solutions, safe to handle and environmental friendly for their crops handling. Our products are formulated to be used both on conventional and organic agriculture.

Post cosecha

Currently this is the main Jifkins line, essentially seeks to maintain the fruit quality (from the organoleptic characteristics to the nutritional content of the fruit) through different products and technics ranging from the moment the fruit is harvested until it reaches to the consumer hands.


It was created to offer innovative and efficient solution providing integral systems and hygiene, security and maintenance products, that besides of being competitive are also environmental friendly.


JIFKINS S.A. DE C.V. MEXICO, Prolongación Tepeyac No.1639. Zapopan, Jalisco, México. C.P. 45067
52 (33) 1028 1080